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Best Year Coaching Groups

Best Year of Your Life in partnership with Empowerment Holdings presents Best Year Coaching Groups, an 8-Week proven coaching program to help you get the results you want in your life.


Best Year Coaching Groups are designed to help you create the changes and results you aspire to in any area... health and well-being, relationships, career/livelihood, financial health, spiritual growth and more. 

Work in community with two masterful professional coaches and a group of up to 40 participants. Groups meet on Zoom for one hour, once a week for 8 weeks.
You are provided with a structured coaching process, assignments and support materials designed to help you clarify, follow through on, and achieve your goals. You have the opportunity to get direct support from your professional coaches every week in the live sessions.


The Empowerment Holdings approach to coaching combines western psychological and neurobiological models with Eastern philosophy. It is a simple, clear and proven coaching system designed to support you in achieving your goals while building your capacity for self-leadership. 


Here's what you get:

  • 8-Week community of peers
  • 60-minutes weekly group coaching call with experienced professional Empowerment Holdings coaches
  • Easy-to-follow program workbook
  • Daily and weekly exercises
  • Checklists for easy accountability
  • Peer support and conversations with fellow participants]
  • Live Q&A for specific coaching questions
  • Certificate of completion for personal and professional use


During the 8-week process you will go through the key steps required to achieve meaningful and long-lasting change in your life, as practiced by some of the most successful and wise people in the world.

Program Structure:


Week 1 - Motivation, Life purpose, Vision, ROI

Develop your Intention and motivation and get clear on your purpose, vision and the coaching process

Week 2 - Alignment

Strategize and align your commitments, goals, tactics and proven tasks.


Week 3 - Knowledge, Skills and Resistance

Identify and acquire key transformational knowledge and skills for better execution.


Week 4 - Social Environment

Overcome outer “obstacles” in your environment and social setting.


Week 5 - Psychology and Physiology of Change

Practice the psychology and physiology of change and transformation.


Week 6 - Overcoming Obstacles

Overcome Inner “obstacles” and long term change resistance.


Week 7 - Re-Adjustment

Fine-tune your coaching process for your own continuing growth and progress.


Week 8 - Accountability, Commitments, Learnings, Growth

Reap and celebrate clarity, progress and achievements for long term change.

What People Are Saying

“Looking back on my career as an organizational psychologist in business and higher education, I have worked with many brilliant, successful executives, scientists and professionals. Empowerment Holdings and its founder Dawa Tarchin Phillips are highly valued in this elite group and have the ability to connect with people immediately, creating the kind of trust and confidence that allows openness and deep engagement with individual or organizational challenges."

Douglas McKenna, Original Architect and General Manager of the Leadership Development Program at Microsoft

 “Empowerment Holdings has changed my life and improved our business by opening our minds to new possibilities. The program has made me aware of my habits and patterns of limiting thoughts and actions, and it has empowered us to reach a place that most only dream of.” 

Nancy Hamilton, Founder, C&G; Fmr. Principal, Sotheby’s International

"Empowerment Holdings and its founder Dawa Tarchin Phillips are some of the most competent, authentic and trustworthy people I know. They have first-class expertise... as well as an intuitive, well-founded wisdom from which executives and their companies benefit equally."

Daniel Goleman, Psychologist & Author of Emotional Intelligence

This Coaching is for You:

  • If you would like help with procrastination or missed opportunities
  • If you would like help with misalignment of your life purpose and day-to-day living

  • If you would like help with difficult relationships

  • If you are dreaming of achieving important goals

  • If you are looking to achieve lasting change and growth in your life

  • If you are ready to make 2021 your best year yet

Here's How You Benefit:

  • Be guided by experienced professional coaches
  • Identify some of your lifelong blind spots

  • Gain clarity on how to best achieve your key life goals

  • Take powerful conscious actions with accountability

  • Achieve meaningful progress towards measurable results

  • Gain valuable insights into resistances and obstacles

  • Leave with newfound personal power and enthusiasm for life

Choose One of these 8-Week Groups

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  • Tuesdays at 1pm Eastern Time (US) starting February 16
  • Tuesdays at 3pm Eastern Time (US) starting February 16 SOLD OUT
  • Thursdays at 1 pm Eastern Time (US) starting February 18 SOLD OUT
  • Thursdays at 3 pm Eastern Time (US) starting February 18 SOLD OUT

Please contact us if your only available time is sold out. We'll put you on a wait list and let you know if a spot opens up.



Refund Policy

Receive a 100% refund if you cancel no less than 7 days before your group starts. Receive a 50% refund if you cancel no less than 3 days before your group starts. We are not able to issue refunds after that.